The Reground Team


Ninna K. Larsen

Ninna is up for a challenge and has never been afraid of doing things differently. After finishing her Bachelor degree in Design, Culture and Economics from the University of Southern Denmark in 2012 she moved to Melbourne, Australia to live and learn.

After spending time working for some of Melbourne’s best coffee shops, she founded Reground in 2014 after experiencing the unnecessary coffee waste in the industry.

A minimalist and sustainability fan, Ninna is an active follower of the ‘less is more’ lifestyle. She enjoys nature and great design.

Kaitlin Reid

Kaitlin is a go-getter who commits to solving problems in the most efficient way. Kaitlin finished her Bachelor of Business, Marketing in Brisbane in 2010 and soon after relocated to Melbourne before spending a year exploring and hiking her way through South America.

A world-traveller and nature lover at heart, Kaitlin has helped several start-ups grow with her brightness and brains. Kaitlin joined Reground in 2016 to combine her passion for a better world with her flair for business.

When Kaitlin is not busy riding around town on her bike, or growing Reground, she is most likely chasing sunsets and enjoying the peace of nature.


David McCarthy

David drinks a lot of coffee - not just two cups a day, but up to five cups before 12pm. He has so much love for the hospitality industry, being a regular at many great spots. Dave has a personality that shines so bright, you have no option but to love him. That is why he joined our team of ground-coffee collectors, to share the love and care of coffee and our planet as well as the well-being of our cafes and end users.



Sam O'Neil

Sam is a superstar when it comes to people. He is a veteran hospitality worker with passion for people, coffee, and the environment, making him the perfect fit as a Reground ground-coffee collector. Besides being a part of the Reground team, Sam enjoys playing in his band 'Sunnyside', their good-vibes tunes are a reflection of Sam's always lovely presence.