Why be an End User

Every year Australia produces an estimated 75,000 tonnes of spent ground coffee waste. The majority of this goes directly to landfill where it contributes significantly to climate change through the production of methane - a greenhouse gas which is 34 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Luckily, you can help to reduce this waste! By using ground coffee and chaff in your garden you are diverting this waste from entering landfill and simultaneously providing a sustainable source of nutrients to your plants.

Compost  Ground


Composting your spent ground coffee and chaff will decompose any toxic components remaining in the coffee and produce a natural fertiliser that can improve soil water holding capacity and promote plant growth, particularly in green vegetables. The ideal amount of ground coffee and chaff in your compost pile is around 20% as this will promote a range of microorganisms to grow.


Soil Amendment

Ground coffee or chaff can either be applied to the soil surface as a mulch or incorporated directly into the soil structure. As a mulch, ground coffee or chaff will control soil temperature and moisture content and act to control weeds and pests, while direct incorporation will increase the availability of nitrogen, phosphorous, zinc, and iron in the soil.


Worm Farms

Worms love ground coffee and provide a beneficial service to us by breaking it down and turning it into a natural soil conditioner. Along with other food scraps, the ground coffee decomposes and produces worm castings which can aid germination and act as a liquid fertiliser when diluted with water.


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Where is the coffee coming from?

Connect with the cafes that are disposing of their waste sustainably, and therefore providing you with a nutrient rich product to add to your compost! Find your local cafe and help support the cycle.